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Bamileke Feather Juju Hat - Fuchsia

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Meticulously handmade by artisans in Cameroon, the Juju hat, Bamileke feather headdress, or Tyn hat is traditionally worn by royal dancers during important ceremonies held by tribal chiefs. These breathtaking works of art transform into stunning wall hangings that bring texture and personality to any space. Made with dyed chicken feathers in a cool, intense fuchsia, this multidimensional, bright Juju hat is guaranteed to make a statement in your home. Features include: 

  • Handmade in Cameroon
  • Cool, bright fuchsia feathers create a stunning pink color that set this headdress apart 
  • Folds neatly into a compact, drum shape that protects the feathers 
  • Feathers are individually hand stitched onto a raffia support structure using traditional methods
  • Diameter: appx. 31 inches when fully open
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading

Special Instructions

Your Juju hat will come to you collapsed into a tight drum shape. Do not cut the string wrapping the hat!  Open your Juju by pushing the tab on the end toward the center of the headdress. The feathers will open and unfold like a flower. You can adjust the position of the feathers by gently hand combing them to an even shape, or by carefully moving the outer fabric wrapped raffia until it sits evenly. Additionally, you can blow dry the feathers on a cool setting to fluff them up. *Please note that extreme care will be taken to prevent damage to your Juju hat during shipping, but we cannot guarantee that the outermost feathers will escape damage.*

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